Triathlon training schedule

If you are visiting the club for the first time or would like to try it out, the best sessions to try first are the swim sessions at Caterham, the Tuesday track session and the Thursday run session at the clubhouse.  These are the sessions that are most heavily attended by club members and are not shared with other clubs.

Weekly club training sessions

October 2018 to May 2019

Day Time Type of session Description Location Cost per session to SLH members
Monday 8:15pm Swim Freestyle (crawl) training comprising of warm up, drills and main set Caterham School Pool £4 with Makesweat
Tuesday 6:45pm Run Steady run - various speeds of groups SLH Clubhouse, Coulsdon


Tuesday 6:45pm* Run Interval training on track Track Coulsdon* £1.50 (adults), £1.00 (juniors)
Wednesday 8:15pm Swim Freestyle (crawl) training comprising of warm up, drills and main set Caterham School Pool £4 with Makesweat
Thursday 6:45pm Run Choice of steady run with different groups, or interval training on grass SLH Clubhouse, Coulsdon Free
Thursday 7:00pm* Run Interval training on track Track Coulsdon* £1.50 (adults), £1.00 (juniors)
Saturday 9:15am Cycle Training ride with Addiscombe Cycling Club – different groups ranging from 15mph to 23mph to suit all abilities Coulsdon South Station Free to members of Addiscombe Cycle Club
Sunday 9:00am Run Long run – various speeds and distances to suit all abilities SLH Clubhouse, Coulsdon Free

* A group will meet at the SLH clubhouse in Coulsdon a quarter of an hour earlier and run to these sessions, or you can meet at the venue for a 6:45pm (Tuesday) or 7:00pm (Thursday) start, but be aware there are no changing facilities at Track Coulsdon.

In the summer, we will run open water swim sessions and road cycling sessions in addition to the above.

Unless stated otherwise above, sessions normally run all year round, except that there are no sessions arranged on Bank Holidays and there are no swim sessions at all at Caterham School swimming pool for about two weeks around Christmas and New Year.  Sessions are occasionally cancelled due to other parties using the training facilities, and we will do our best to communicate information about any such changes via the news bar on the right-hand side of this page and the forum

In particular, the Sunday long run will only go ahead each week if there are sufficient people taking part.  There will normally be a thread opened on the forum or our running Facebook group to discuss it if the run is to go ahead.  (As a rule of thumb, we tend to have at least one Sunday long run for marathon training taking place each week from January to April, and the rest of the year we have runs of about eight miles or so most weeks.  The starting point can vary though so check the details or ask at the bar on a Thursday night, there will normally be someone there who can help!) 

Any changes to the Addiscombe club ride are shown on the Addiscombe Cycle Club website rather than this one.