Tri Points Trophy

Points Trophy RunnerThe Points Trophy is organised to encourage adult members to compete in triathlon events on the club calendar. You score 5 points for completing a club event and 10 points if the event is a club championship or club relay.  There are also 10 points available for completing a half Ironman and 20 for completing an Ironman race anywhere during the year (to a maximum of one of each) and 2 for each club event you volunteer at (points are only available at SLH organised events where members are eligible to score points, ie the Swim Challenge and Open Water Championship).  

The cup is named after Steve Southall (pictured), who much to his displeasure had to complete the gruelling Ballbuster in order to secure the inaugural Points Trophy in 2005.

Winners will keep their trophy for one year along with a shoehorn. The shoehorn is representative of Steve's transition techniques.

Previous competitions


After his wife Carolyn almost won in 2016, Nick McNamara finished ahead of the pack in a year where he also won his age group in the London Senior Series.  He competed in 10 events during the year including five in the Senior Series for a deserved and popular victory.  The only club member who ran him close was, again, Carolyn!


Steve Clancey won the 2016 Points Trophy after a year in which he competed in almost everything we did as a group including the club triathlon championships at sprint, standard and half ironman distance, travelling to the Vitruvian for the latter.  Carolyn McNamara ran him close though, taking part in more London League races than any other senior athlete.

2016 final table


2015, the last year that there were separate competitions for men and women, was a family affair.  Ross and Natalie Gentry took the trophies after each taking a late lead in the competition at the MAD Tri in September.  

2015 final tables


Chris McHugh won the 2014 men's trophy and shoehorn after a dominating win in the contest.  It was his first year in triathlon and he went for it, completing races at every distance from short aquathlons to Ironman Wales.  He was almost ever-present in our London League squad and a deserving winner.  Tracy Land won the 2014 women's competition, on offer for the first time.  

2014 final tables


In 2013, when there was only one trophy on offer, Ross Gentry won the Southall Cup and shoehorn, winning a close-fought contest during which he got married - at one point it looked as though he and Natalie were going to enter every race together and finish equal.

2013 final table

Nigel Costiff was the clear winner of the 2012 trophy, marking his last full year in Coulsdon. 

2012 final table


2018 competition

In 2018 the Points Trophy will be awarded to whoever from the club takes part in the greatest number of races listed on the Senior Club Calendar below.  A list of participants in each race will appear on the Results page once each race is complete.  Good luck!