Honours Board - Personally Best

This section of the honours board recognises the whole club.  'Personally Best' is intended to showcase the best thing each of us have done, or been involved in, in triathlon so far.

Maybe it's the best performance you've ever done in triathlon. Maybe it's the race you've most enjoyed doing. Hopefully it'll change over time and we'll improve on our 'Personally Best' event. It doesn't have to be a race - could be that it's the longest training session you've been able to complete or the one where you've been able to keep up with others the best.

Here, in their own words, are South London Harriers triathlon club members' Personally Best.

Andy Collins

Austria IM 2012.

Not because it was fast.  Not because trophies were won. Not because it was a great course/support team and event.  But because I was with an SLH member who joined SLH with a dream.  He has since become a great friend.  He was closing in on the final step of realising his Ironman dream.  I was at the very start of his journey and the very end as well.  

Fraternity within IM.  Well done Steve Rigby.

Sandhya Drew

In the sense that it's the one I enjoyed the most, it's the Windrush Aquathlon in 2015.

Ben Hieatt-Smith

It's the European aquathlon championships from 2015 in Cologne. I had trained specifically for the race for several months with the aim of winning a medal, lost weight for it, and performed far better than the previous year to take bronze. But it's not just my best race because of how I did, there were seven of us from SLH competing together. Previously I'd been on my own at age-group races and to get six other club members on board, enjoying it, and winning a medal too in Nat's case, made it such a special weekend.

Phil Todd

I can claim second only to national four cross champ on Barry Knows Best (Surrey Hills flagship MTB trail) for the SLH mountain bikers.