YEAR 3 & 4 GIRLS    
1 Phoebe Lyes South London Harriers
2 Annice Kemp The Hayes
3 Fleur Coppack South London Harriers
4 Summer Williams St. Marys C of E
5 Phoebe Kemp The Hayes
6 Ruby Locke Coulsdon C of E
7 Emily Van As Coulsdon C of E
8 Rebecca Waller Regina Coeli
9 Olivia Vickers South London Harriers
10 Felicity Murphy Coulsdon C of E
11 Ellie Moon The Hayes
12 Hollie Bouville Gresham
13 Eve Curran St. Marys C of E
14 Gloria Okafor Regina Coeli
15 Scarlett Penn Woodmansterne
16 Ciara Priscott Regina Coeli
17 Charlotte Hager-Gibbs Atwood
18 Freya Anderson South London Harriers
19 Emily Waller Regina Coeli
20 Ruby Masson St. Marys C of E
21 Lucy Barber Atwood
22 Molly Ingram Woodmansterne
23 Amelie Elliott St. Marys C of E
24 Erin Knight The Hayes
25 Isobel Day St. Marys C of E
26 Martha James South London Harriers
27 Emily Evans The Hayes
28 Lottie Hancox Coulsdon C of E
29 Maddie Williams Woodmansterne
30 Julia Thorniloe Coulsdon C of E
31 Lily Mei Jacques Woodmansterne
32 Jocelyn De Acetis The Hayes
33 Chloe Rayner Regina Coeli
34 Lissie Patel St. Davids
35 Megan Thomas Woodmansterne
36 Meera Padhiar St. Davids
37 Rosa Finch Atwood
38 Orla Withram St. Mary C of E
39 Ceylin Sensessigil Gresham
40 Sydney Conaghan Regina Coeli
41 Mollie Noonan The Hayes
42 Kau Dodson The Hayes
Team Result    
1 The Hayes  
2 Coulsdon C of E  
3 St. Marys C of E  
4 Regina Coeli  
5 Woodmansterne  
YEAR 3 & 4 Boys    
1 Noah Findell Smitham
2 Christopher Finch Regina Coeli
3 Max Lorke Gresham
4 George Peachey St. Marys C of E
5 Monty Atkinson St. Davids
6 Oliver Anstee Regina Coeli
7 Kobi Blake Coulsdon C of E
8 Harry Sturgess The Hayes
9 Frederick Haywood St. Marys C of E
10 Jayden Blake Coulsdon C of E
11 Jay Blake Coulsdon C of E
12 Tom Harmer The Hayes
13 Daniel Collins St. Marys C of E
14 Jackson Stevens Coulsdon C of E
15 Jack Turner Woodmansterne
16 Sam Rank Woodmansterne
17 Alfie Dobbs The Hayes
18 Louis Bailey Regina Coeli
19 James Harvey Woodmansterne
20 Lewis Hanbury Regina Coeli
21 Daniel Finch Regina Coeli
22 Finn Duffy The Hayes
23 Joseph Awadalla Coulsdon C of E
24 Laurie James South London Harriers
25 Leon Hutchings Gresham
26 Lucien Gillion Regina Coeli
27 Leo Burton Woodmansterne
28 Christopher James The Hayes
29 Freddie Mitchell Gresham
30 Austin Barnhurst Woodmansterne
31 Daniel Garrod Regina Coeli
32 Jamie Bignell Woodmansterne
33 Zeeshan Ahmad The Hayes
34 James Scott Regina Coeli
35 Finn Rabheru Regina Coeli
36 Alex Frost St. Davids
37 Limo Zhu The Hayes
38 Arthur Findell Smitham
39 Keir Hearn The Hayes
40 Zaja Kioufi The Hayes
41 James Youngs The Hayes
42 Daniel Ward Coulsdon C of E
43 Reece Townsend Smith Woodmansterne
44 Archie Cosaitis Coulsdon C of E
45 Matthew Hook The Hayes
46 James Middlemiss Atwood
47 Georgie Coleshill Coulsdon C of E
48 Alex Cordery Coulsdon C of E
49 Kai Blake Coulsdon C of E
Team Result    
1 Coulsdon C of E  
2 Regina Coeli  
3 The Hayes  
4 Woodmansterne  
YEAR 5 & 6 girls    
1 Sophia Lorke Gresham
2 Lucy Finch Regina Coeli
3 Aisling Davies Regina Coeli
4 Honey Hayward Regina Coeli
5 Maddie Vickers South London Harriers
6 Talisha Crawford Atwood
7 Martha Nancannon St. Marys C of E Juniors
8 Harriet Martin Woodmansterne
9 Kaylah Brown St. Thomas of Canterbury
10 Ann Marie Gates Regina Coeli
11 Christana Vandasmkemegne Regina Coeli
12 Emily King Gresham
13 Shanice Sullivan Regina Coeli
14 Rachel Phillips Gresham
15 Sarah Okafor Regina Coeli
16 Evangeline Hutchings Gresham
17 Harriet Wallace St. Marys C of E Juniors
18 Millie Carmana St. Davids
19 Kelis Sullivan Regina Coeli
Team Result  
1 Regina Coeli  
2 Gresham  
YEAR 5&6 boys,  
1 Felix Murphy Coulsdon C of E
2 Ben Ampstead St. Marys C of E
3 Ben Grant St. Davids
4 James Baxter St. Davids
5 George Williamson St. Davids
6 Henry Atkinson St. Davids
7 Kristian Taylor Coulsdon Cof E
8 Sonny Cavallo Regina Coeli
9 Cyrus An St. Thomas of Canterbury
10 Cassius Vincent Smitham
11 James Measures Woodmansterne
12 Lucas De Acetis The Hayes
13 Hary Sinclair Smith Woodmansterne
14 Samuel Major South London Harriers
15 Joseph Johnson The Hayes
16 Jamie Lee St. Davids
17 Raul Patel St. Davids
18 Johani Pauto St. Thomas of Canterbury
19 Daniel Tope Woodmansterne
20 Callum Porter Coulsdon C of E
21 Donald St. Thomas of Canterbury
22 James Keeble Gresham
23 Samuel Locke Coulsdon C of E
24 Jay Sullivan Regina Coeli
25 Henry Sisarello St. Thomas of Canterbury
26 Deji Bello St. Davids
27 George Mitchell Gresham
28 Denis Vlad St. Thomas of Canterbury
29 Zak Bygraves Coulsdon C of E
30 Jeffrey St. Thomas of Canterbury
Team Result  
1 St. Davids  
2 Coulsdon C of E  
3 St. Thomas of Canterbury