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Rules & Regulations










1.     NAME

        The Club shall be called ‘South London Harriers’.


2.     OBJECT

The object of the Club shall be the promotion of the amateur sport of athletics in South London, Croydon and North Surrey and community participation in the same.



The Club colours shall be white and maroon and the Club Badge shall be a double cross and the motto ‘Fortuna Sequatur’.  The Club kit shall be a white vest with a vertical maroon band on the left-hand side (back and front) with a break for the Club Badge, and black shorts.



Membership of the Club shall be open to anyone interested in the sport on application regardless of sex, age, disability, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, religion, or other beliefs. However, limitation of membership according to availability of facilities is allowable on a non-discriminatory basis.


There shall be two classes of members to be known as ‘Members’ and ‘Associate Members’. Associate Members are those persons who are entitled to use the facilities of the Club for sports other than athletics.  Associate Members shall not be entitled to attend General Meetings.  No member under the age of 16 may vote at a General Meeting.



The general management of the Club shall be vested in the Executive, which shall comprise the President, Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary, Gazette Editor, Membership Secretary, Website Manager, HQ Committee Chairman and Minutes Secretary.

The Executive shall appoint the Coaching Coordinator, Kit Secretary and Press Officer.

The Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary shall be the Club’s representatives on the Track Coulsdon Executive Committee.



The General Committee shall be responsible for the organisation of the athletic pursuits of the Club. It shall comprise the Executive, the Coaching Co-ordinator, the Press Officer, the Kit Secretary and representatives from club sections as follows: the men’s and women’s cross-country, road running and track & field sectionsand the triathlon section shall each be entitled to nominate two of their officers (to be chosen from the captain, vice captain, secretary and team manager); the HQ and Social Sub-Committees shall each be entitled to nominate one of their members.


All first claim Vice-Presidents and Past Presidents are entitled to attend General Committee Meetings.


The General Committee shall each year elect the officers for the men’s and women’s cross-country, road running and track & field sections and the Club’s representatives to sit on the Track Coulsdon Operations Committee for the day-to-day management of the track.



The President, Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary, Gazette Editor, Website Manager, Membership Secretary  HQ Committee Chairman  and MinutesSecretary shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting, to be held as soon as possible after the 1st day of October each year.



The Executive and the General Committee shall have the power to fill any vacancy that may arise from time to time.



The Treasurer shall at each Annual General Meeting render a financial statement for the period ending on the preceding 30th day of September, such statement to show receipts, expenditure and reserves of the Club.



Two ACCOUNT Examiners shall be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting.  Should an Examiner be unable to carry out the duties of the office, the Executive shall have power to appoint another Account Examiner to fill the vacancy.



The names of members to be proposed at the Annual General Meeting for election to any of the offices named in Rules 7 and 10 shall be sent in writing to the Secretary at least 28 days before the date of such meeting, stating the office to which election is sought, and such names shall be advertised prior to the date of the meeting.



Candidates for election to membership of the Club shall complete the appropriate application form and pay the first year’s subscription fees. The Membership Secretary will circulate Applicants details to the Executive, and Election shall be by a simple majority vote of approval; or if no objections are raised within 5 days. The Executive may only refuse membership for good cause such as conduct or character likely to bring the Club or sport into disrepute.



Any five members of the General Committee with the addition of the Vice Presidents may hold emergency meetings for the sole purpose of electing new members, (providing the individual has not been rejected for membership by the Executive in the previous twelve months). The applications submitted by such new members shall be read out at the next meeting of the Executive when the resolutions of the emergency meeting shall be confirmed.


14.   LIFE MEMBERSHIP       

Any member who has paid the annual subscription for six consecutive years at the full adult rate shall be entitled to become a Life Member of the Club upon payment of a fee of an amount fixed by the Executive from time to time.



Subscriptions shall be payable in advance by 1st day of October in each year.  The rates of subscriptions shall be fixed by the Executive from time to time and shall be set at levels that should not pose a significant obstacle to people joining.



Any member intending to withdraw from the Club shall give written notice to the Secretary before 1st day of October or be liable for another year’s subscription.



A Special General Meeting may be called by the Executive or the General Committee and must be called by the Secretary on requisition in writing signed by 20 members.  Such meeting shall be called within 28 days of the receipt of the request (unless an alternative longer timescale is expressly specified), and notices stating the business to be transacted shall be sent to members not less than 14 days before the date of the meeting.



If any member infringes any of the laws of any relevant governing Athletics body or if a member’s conduct shall, in the opinion of the Executive, be injurious to the Club or to the sport in general, a meeting of the Executive shall be called and a notice of such meeting shall be sent to such member (who shall be entitled to attend) and to each member of the Executive at least 14 days before the said meeting. 


After hearing any explanation which such member may give, or in default of any explanation, the Executive may by a resolution passed by a simple majority of those present forthwith expel such member from the Club or impose other such penalty as it may deem appropriate. 


An expelled member shall have the right to appeal to a Special General Meeting called as provided by Rule 17.  The votes of a simple majority of the members present at such Special General Meeting shall be necessary to confirm such expulsion.



If any member has a dispute or grievance with another member of the club, it should, in the first instance be referred to the Executive Committee. If the dispute or grievance cannot be resolved amicably by the Executive Committee, it will be referred to the Regional Development Officer of the London Region of England Athletics for mediation. The decision of the RDO will be final.



No rule may be altered, added to or deleted except at the Annual General Meeting of the members or at a Special General Meeting called for that purpose and then only by a majority of at least two-thirds of the members present and entitled to vote.  Notice in writing of the proposed alteration, addition or deletion shall be given to the Secretary at least 28 days before the Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting and at least 14 days notice of the business to be transacted at such meeting shall be sent to members.



A special badge, called the Honours Badge, shall be awarded to such members as the Executive may determine to be entitled to it.


The badge shall be worn only by those members to whom it is awarded by the Executive.  The badge will not be awarded in respect of performances achieved in the names or colours of another club or in branches of sport other than those for which the Club exists.  In ordinary circumstances the Honours Badge will be awarded for:


A) (Cross Country) - Men  -  being placed in the first 20 in the Senior South of England Championships or in the first 50 in the Senior English National Championship;


A) (Cross Country) - Women  -  being placed in the first 10 in the Senior South of England Championships or in the first 30 in the Senior English National Championship.


 B) (Track and Field and Road Running) - Equalling in any competition held under the Laws of the national governing body/ies the AAA/WAAA Grade 1 standard.


       (General) - Performances that are obviously outstanding or equal to (a) or (b) above.



The trophy, in a form to be determined by the Executive, shall be awarded only to first claim members of the Club who have represented Great Britain in any full international athletic event held under the aegis of associations to which the Club is affiliated or who have represented England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland in the Commonwealth Games.  Not more than one trophy shall be given to any member.


23.   AWARDS

The Committee shall have absolute discretion as to the making of awards in respect of performances of members in Club championship events for track and field, cross-country or road-running.  No award or other prize shall be given to a member who is indebted to the Club.



The Executive shall appoint a Headquarters Sub-Committee, which may include Associate Members, for the purpose of managing, maintaining, improving and the hiring of the Club headquarters.  The Executive shall at each Annual General Meeting render financial accounts showing receipts, expenditure and reserves.



The General Committee shall appoint a Social Sub-Committee to which members shall be eligible for election. The Committee should include a representative of the track & field section from Crystal Palace.


The Social Sub-Committee shall be responsible for drawing up a calendar of social events and for ensuring these events are organised, publicised and promoted.


The Social Sub-Committee shall also be solely responsible for running the Clubhouse bar and making arrangements for the provision of storage and service in connection with the supply of alcoholic drinks. Each year the Social Sub-Committee shall produce a financial statement showing receipts, expenditure, value of stock and cash balances.  Such statement shall be consolidated into the Headquarters Accounts.



 The Executive shall have the power to expel any member whose subscription is six months in arrears, provided a month’s notice in writing shall have been sent to such member, addressed to the member’s last known address, informing the member of the proposed action of the Executive.


The name and address of any person so expelled from the Club shall be sent to the Secretary of the appropriate Area Association who shall enter the name in a book (‘the Suspension Book’) kept for that purpose.  Every person whose name has been entered in the Suspension Book shall be suspended from competing at any meeting held under the Laws of the national governing body/ies until the liability causing the said suspension, which shall not exceed one year’s subscription, shall have been discharged.



All surplus income or profits shall be re-invested in the Club. No surpluses or assets shall be distributed to members or third parties.



                                                                                                          6th December 2013










A single reserve fund, called the General Reserve Fund, shall be maintained as defined in these regulations.



In this fund shall be included all sums received hereafter in respect of general donations or gifts to the Club, all sums received through life membership, together with any transfers from the income and expenditure account as deemed appropriate by the Executive.



The monies credited to the General Reserve Fund shall be deposited or invested in any security authorised by the Trustee Act 1925 or the Trustee Investments Act 1961, in the name of two members, as Trustees.  These Trustees shall be elected and either or both may be removed or replaced by the vote of the majority at an Annual General Meeting attended by not less than 20 members.  The Executive shall have power to fill any vacancies that arise in the office of Trustee until the next General Meeting.



Subject to paragraph 3 above, the monies credited to the General Reserve Fund shall, to the extent that it appears practical and prudent, be invested so as to maintain the purchasing power of the fund.



Income generated by the General Reserve Fund shall be used for the day-to-day running of the Club and shall be recorded as investment income in the income and expenditure account.



No sum shall be withdrawn from the General Reserve Fund and placed at the disposal of the Executive except by the vote of the majority at an Annual General Meeting or any properly convened Special General Meeting, attended by not less than 20 members, and the Trustees shall be bound to act upon the decision of such General Meeting. 


7.   LOANS

The Executive shall neither undertake on behalf of, nor commit the Club to loans totalling more than 50% of the sum of the General Reserve Fund except by the vote of the majority at an Annual General Meeting or any properly convened Special General Meeting, attended by not less than 20 members.



No cheque, building society or similar account whatsoever may be operated without the signatures of at least two authorised members of the Executive or General Committee.



Upon dissolution of the Club any remaining assets shall be given or transferred to another registered CASC, a registered charity or the sport’s governing body.



16 August 2008