Kenneth Colin Brangwin

Taken from the Sept/Dec. 1983 Gazette (vol 99 no 3)

We regret to record the death of K.C. Brangwin at the age of 76 on 25th August, from a recurrence of lung cancer for which he had been successfully treated 5 years ago.

He joined the Club in January 1925, when a junior, at a time when there was very little competition for juniors apart from school athletics – AAA Junior Championships were not inaugurated until 1931.  Amongst his rivals in Middlesex schools athletics were two fellow Irrepressibles, J.G. Stubbs and T.J.C. Walsh.  He began running mainly 880’s against Seniors, getting 3rd in the Club Championship in 1925 and 2nd in 1926.  He also ran the anchor leg in our team which broke the Irish 4 x 440 record with 3m29.8s at Clonliffe H’s meeting in Dublin.  1929 seems to have been a blank year, but in 1930 he had his best season, winning the AAA 440 in 49.8 and so qualifying for his Club Honours Badge.  An informal Club dinner was held to celebrate this achievement – the first AAA title won by an Irrepressible since 1910, when L.J. de B. Reed also won the 440.  He was selected to represent England in the first British Empire Games at Hamilton, Ontario, finishing 4th in the 440 and was in the winning 4 x 440 team.  At those Games, he had two Club-mates: B.C.V. Oddie 6th in the 3 Miles and H.W. Hedges in the Mile.  Later he was in the 4 x 440 against USA at Chicago and won the 440 against France and in the “triangular International!”

In 1931 injury prevented him from defending his AAA title, but he again represented England against both France and Germany.  After that season he seems not to have competed again and in 1935 moved to Birmingham, where he spent the rest of his life.

Although not in direct contact with the club, he continued in membership, took out Life Membership In 1957 and was elected a Vice-President in 1981.