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Archive of obituaries

It is our hope to be able to make available via the Club's website a selection of articles from Gazettes of the past.  The archive exercise is currently in its very early days and is starting with the obituary section.  

This section will be updated to include more historic obituaries over time.  Initially it predominantly includes obituaries published within the Gazette between 1980 and 1995, simply because of ease of availability of these issues.  The obituaries included below are intended to cover the full range of club members; publication of an obituary on this website at this time is not intended to be an indicator of a particular member's notability within the club or otherwise.

All obituaries are intended to be shown in the same format in which they were originally published in the Gazette.

Obituaries currently available online:

Basil Akehurst

'Sammy' Allnutt

O.A. Ashment

Lawrie Aubrey

Andy Avila

Peter Black

John Bloss

Terry Bodley

K.C. Brangwin

Alan Codd

F.G. Coles

Murray Cook

P.L. Densham

Norman Dudley

John Etheridge

Reginald Farwig

D.H. Fletcher

Bill Fletcher

Alec Gritton

John Heard

Chris Henty

Lyn Hill

Marcus Hill

Leonard Hobbs

J.C. Hudson

Paul Hulgrave

R.J.J. Ireland

Mrs Laker

Bert Liffen

M.D. Lowndes

Cecil McNamara

J.C. McPhail

Don Mellor

Jack Miles

C.P. 'Dusty' Miller

Harold Moody

Allan Morris

'Jock' Murray

Don Pain

Gordon Pirie

Ron Reader

Tom Richards

David Smith

Franz Stampfl

Arthur Stansbury

J. G. "Jack" Stubbs

Albert Sutherland

Richard Sutherland

E.J.W. Taylor

W.D. 'Tommy' Thomas

G.H.P. Thompson

John Watt

Lawrie Weatherill

'Jock' Willett

Margery Willett

Ken Yates